L'intemporalité a été le maître mot lors du développement du premier garde-temps de TID, le No.1. La montre élimine les fonctions superflues pour se concentrer sur la lisibilité et un design dont l'utilisateur ne s'ennuiera pas. En tant que garde-temps, il fait doucement référence à certaines caractéristiques classiques telles que des attaches métalliques intégrées pour permettre un bracelet NATO ou passant et repositionne la couronne à 9 heures pour éviter qu'elle ne s'enfonce dans le poignet.


    The refined design by the Swedish designer flawlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, while the sunken dial presents clear layers and a comprehensive depth of field effect.


    By incorporating a distinctive left-hand crown design, TID enhances comfort during wear, effectively reducing the discomfort from crown impact on the hand.


    Changing the watch band is so effortless, and with TID Straps' array of vibrant colors and materials, you can enjoy a colorful style every day.

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Timeless Design: The Journey of TID's First Timepiece, No.1

Timelessness was the operating word when developing TID’s first timepiece, No.1. The watch boils away extraneous functions to focus on legibility and a design the user won’t get bored with. As a timepiece, it softly references some classic traits like integrated wire lugs to allow a NATO or pass-through strap and repositions the crown at 9-o’clock to avoid it digging into the wrist (given most wear a watch on the left hand). It’s a watch to withstand fickle changes in style, while remaining relevant in complementing trends as they come and go.

The TID Watches No.1 features a concave dial design in the center, surrounded by a vintage Arabic numeral clock scale on the outer ring. The dial has a clear layering, giving a full depth of field effect. Combined with the unique "circular dot second hand design", this showcases the delicacy and humor in the design by Form Us With Love.

The first batch of TID watches sold out quickly, with a limited amount of press coverage in selected outlets. Subsequent runs of the No.1, available in black and white dialled versions, followed suit. As a result TID watches were shipped to more than 30 odd countries every month. From United States and Sweden to United Kingdom.

Exquisite Design and Versatile Style of the TID NO.1 Watch

The TID NO.1 watch features a high-quality alloy steel case. There are 4 dial colors to suit your needs, any occasion and mood. Vintage atmospheric matte black and white dials, as well as gold and metallic dials with delicate finishes and brushed, are usually only found in high-end luxury watches. Regardless of the color of the dial, it reflects the lofty vision of the Form Us With Love studio, which is committed to the brand's relentless pursuit of excellence. The delicate concentric circle hairline brushed dial, surrounded by exquisite three-dimensional etched numbers, paired with elegant silver brushed hands, and the integrated silver-grey tone design, all make this wristwatch appear extraordinarily refined.

Versatile Watch Straps for Personalized Style at TID Watches

At TID Watches, we provide an array of watch straps for No.1 watches, catering to various tastes and styles. Our selection includes sophisticated leather straps, colorful rubber straps, detailed woven straps, and stylish NATO straps. The process to change these straps is straightforward, enabling you to seamlessly alternate between them for different occasions and moods. A TID watch is more than just a timepiece, it's a reflection of your personal style.

Reliable and Practical Quartz Movement

Trust in the quality of the movement in our watches. The core of a watch is its movement and TID watches are equipped with a robust one. All our watches incorporate movements from SEIKO or CITIZEN, top-tier quartz movements from Japan that are resilient and accurate in timekeeping. There's no need for concern over its timekeeping accuracy, nor is there a need for frequent time adjustments via the crown. Thus, we have incorporated a left-hand crown in our watch designs for your comfort while wearing. This embodies the essence of Scandinavian design language that blends practicality with a minimalist and refined modern aesthetic.

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