Will wearing wristwatches ever go out of fashion?

Will wearing wristwatches ever go out of fashion?

Is wearing a watch outdated now? This is a question worth pondering. With the advent of the digital age, more and more people are using smartphones to tell time, and watches seem to have become expensive and impractical items. However, watches still hold their value and significance. 

A watch is a classic accessory that not only provides time but also showcases personal taste and style. The material and design of a watch can reflect a person's social status and financial strength. In addition, a watch is a traditional gift that can be used to commemorate special occasions such as graduation, weddings, and birthdays.

The Significance of Watches

A watch is a reliable time recorder. Unlike smartphones, watches do not need to be charged or connected to the internet, and they are not affected by network failures or hacker attacks. The time display on a watch is also more convenient as it can be worn directly on the wrist, without the need to take out a phone from a pocket or bag.

Watches can also enhance personal efficiency. The timers and stopwatches on watches can help people manage their time better, especially in work or activities where time management is needed. Watches can also serve as compasses and altimeters, assisting people in better navigation and exploration during outdoor activities.

How to Choose and Wear a Watch

When choosing a watch, consider your budget, usage scenario, and personal style. If you need a watch for formal occasions, you could opt for a classic mechanical watch or quartz watch. If you need a watch for outdoor activities, you could choose a watch with waterproof, shockproof, and luminous features.

When wearing a watch, note the following

  • The size and weight of the watch should match your wrist, not too small or too big.
  • The color and material of the watch should match your outfit, not clash with it.
  • The position of the watch should be above the wrist bone, not too loose or too tight.


Although smartphones have become the main way for people to tell time, watches still hold their value and significance. Watches not only provide time, they also showcase personal taste and style, enhance personal efficiency, and serve as traditional gifts. When choosing and wearing a watch, one should consider their budget, usage scenario, and personal style. In the digital age, wearing a watch is not outdated; it is still a classic accessory worth owning.

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