Die TID No.4-Uhr ist eine Destillation der klassischen Armbanduhr, die eine Balance zwischen Tradition und der reduzierten Cleverness der TID-DNA schafft. Das Zifferblatt der Uhr ist abgeschrägt, ein charakteristisches Detail von TID. Anstelle arabischer Zahlen ist Nr. 4 mit Indizes versehen, was ihm ein klares Erscheinungsbild verleiht.


    The TID No.4 series wristwatch embodies the authentic Stockholm design style. As a Stockholm-based brand established in 2012, TID WATCHES marries timeless aesthetics with contemporary Swedish design. The No.4 series is a prime example of this, showcasing a blend of innovation and simplicity that truly reflects the creative journey of time.


    The TID No.4 series wristwatch boasts a hidden crown design that seamlessly integrates into the watch's overall aesthetic. This innovative design choice not only enhances the watch's sleek and elegant look, but also significantly improves the comfort for the wearer, making it a true blend of style and function.


    The TID No.4 series wristwatch features a professional grade luminescent functionality. This allows for clear visibility and easy time reading in low light conditions or at night. Constructed with high-quality materials, the watch's luminescent feature ensures durability and longevity, providing users with a reliable timepiece for all conditions.

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