Decoding the Misconceptions of Water Resistance in Watches

The water resistance of watches is probably the most commonly misunderstood feature. For instance, some people might presume that a watch with a 30-meter water resistance can function without any issues underwater up to 30 meters. Consequently, when the watch gets damaged, they feel deceived and think they've purchased a faulty watch. They wonder, 'The watch was marked as "Waterproof 30 meters" at the time of purchase, so why did it still get water damaged?' The truth is, "Waterproof 30 meters" does not imply that the watch can "dive 30 meters underwater". The real meaning behind it is that it can "withstand the pressure of water at 30 meters depth". Generally, a water resistance of 30-50 meters is considered as everyday waterproofing, which can withstand slight splashes of water while washing hands and face, as well as drizzle from light rain, but not for prolonged periods. For swimming level water resistance, it needs to be 100 meters or above.
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