Exploring Time

On one hand TlD sets out to make iconic watches to wear through shifts in times and styles. On the other,TID acts as a canvas for artists, thinkers, writers and visualisers to conduct creative research on the subject of time.

Study 004

By:Nacho Alegre

For the fourth edition of our series Exploring Time, we invited Spanish born photographer Nacho Alegre to create poetic images off the splendid beaches of the Costa Brava.

“It's a reflection on time, not necessarily about the pass-ing of time, simply more about a very specific moment within it, the moment of balance. lt is a transitional moment that exists just for an instant. A moment we perceive as beautiful but not apprehensible. Both my film and images explore this idea and try to uncover the elusiveness and sensuality of that moment.”—Nacho Alegre.