Exploring Time

On one hand TlD sets out to make iconic watches to wear through shifts in times and styles. On the other,TID acts as a canvas for artists, thinkers, writers and visualisers to conduct creative research on the subject of time.

Study 003

By:Carlotta Manaigo

For the third edition of our series Exploreing Time, ltalian born photographer Carlotta Manaigo conducts a study of characters in time. Divided into two parts; photography and video. The stills focus on the relationship between two young adults and investigate themes of identity,duality and androgyny, narrating their coming of age.The geometric lines of the urban architecture gradually blend into a natural landscape in which they find liberation, we now feel their skin, their breath, the formality becomes physical.

The video introduces other generations, a young boy and an older gentleman, captured in repetitive moments of everyday life, in the house, around the table, outdoors. lt plays with the passage of time, the ticking of a watch mirrors other circular shapes which become reoccurring elements, as to embody the eternal cycle of life.